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Fisba READYBeam – a simple, ultra-compact and powerful laser source. It dramatically reduces the footprint, development time and integration risk of multiple wavelength sources for Industrial and Diagnostic applications.
(Source: Fisba)

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PhotonicsViews 1/2020

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Roaring Twenties: Solutions for sustainability, climate change, mobility, health care, safety, and digital infrastructure all rely heavily on our industry

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“Maturing the Technology”: EPIC talks to Christian Vestergaard Poulsen, CTO of NKT Photonics

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Technology Report

More Than Meets the Eye: Applications enabled by the non‐stop development of hyperspectral imaging technology


Localization Microscopy: High power continuous wave lasers for super‐resolution microscopy

Digital Holographic Microscopy: Requirements of lasers for a novel label‐free cytometry tool

Optics Manufacturing

Redefining Microfabrication of High‐Precision Optics: How two‐photon grayscale lithography improves quality and throughput of printing microparts

Optical Components

Biomimetic Optical Nanostructures: Broadband antireflective coatings for high‐end optical elements

Optical Development of UV Lenses: Rapid prototyping: fast proof‐of‐concept and economic production of spezialized industrial lenses in small quantities

Fibers and Fiber Optics

Fiber End‐Capping and Splicing of High‐Power Fiber Arrays: CO2 laser glass welding enables the splicing of large optics and end‐capping of fiber arrangements for high‐power applications

Advantages of Active Optical Cables for Industrial Applications: Optical cables prepare the ground for emerging industrial and medical applications

USP Laser Applications

The Antennae Challenge: USP lasers streamline micromachining of 5G phone antennae

Automatic Selection of Picosecond or Femtosecond Lasers: Intelligent laser machining: USP lasers as the key technology for small to midsize manufacturing companies

Laser Materials Processing

The Blue Light District: Blue lasers provide value throughout the manufacturing chain

Decomecc Relies on a Schuler Laser Blanking Line: Belgian family‐owned company is cutting customized blanks flexibly from aluminum coils

Machine Vision

Reading Between the Lines: How line‐scan imaging is enabling the seamless inspection of paper rolls


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