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Fiber coupling to polarization-maintaining fibers and collimation – measured fiber parameters help to chose the best coupling and collimation optics, p. 32
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PhotonicsViews 3/2020

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The Laser Boosts Digital Manufacturing: 60 years and going stronger than ever …

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Organizations & Initiatives

EPIC Again Innovative in Creating Business Opportunities: Hosting more than 30 online events from April to June

  • Pages: 18-19
  • First Published: 28 May 2020

Technology Report

The Future of Micro‐Optics in Europe: Addressing the importance of micro‐optics manufacturing in the photonics industry and its remarkable economic growth

Laser Cutting

Cutting Glass, Sapphire, Ceramics and Other Brittle Materials: USP lasers enable a non‐contact, high‐yield process that is compatible with green sustainable manufacturing

Fast Beam Oscillations Improve Laser Cutting of Thick Materials: State of the art and outlook


New Microstructured Optical Fibers for Innovative Lasers and Beam Transportation

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Fibers and Fiber Optics

Fiber Coupling to Polarization‐Maintaining Fibers and Collimation: How measured fiber parameters help to choose the best coupling and collimation optics

Radiation Safety

X‐Ray Protection in an Industrial Production Environment: Industrial implementation of the requirements of the German Radiation Protection Act

Laser Micromachining

Smooth Surfaces by Pulsed Laser Processing with Bursts: Making use of the effects of successive pulses

Micro‐Drilling with a 5‐Axis Precession Bore System: Practical experience using green and infrared lasers at Posalux

Optical Components and Systems

Resonant Waveguide Gratings – Versatile Devices for Laser Engineering: Accurate tailoring of the spectral, temporal and spatial parameters of your laser systems

Process Monitoring

Machine Learning for Process Monitoring Systems: Examples from laser materials processing to additive manufacturing

Advanced Process Monitoring in Additive Manufacturing: In‐process temperature field measurement for laser metal deposition and laser powder bed fusion processes

Process Monitoring in E‐Mobility Applications: Examples of hairpin welding, ablation and cell‐to‐cell welding with WeldWatcher 6

Laser Sources

A Green Wave for Electric Cars: Powerful green laser light meets all the requirements of the industry

Company Profiles


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Meetings: PhotonicsViews 3/2020

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Buyers' Guide

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