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Coherence Matters! Making light work in superresolution microscopy with the new Hübner Photonics Cobolt Rogue 640 nm laser, p. 22

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PhotonicsViews 5/2020

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Photonics: Science to Market: Pushing the frontiers in photonic physics (now often called “quantum”), SMEs translate this knowledge through innovation into products

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News: PhotonicsViews 5/2020

Products: PhotonicsViews 5/2020

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Simultaneous Control of the Degree of Overlap and Melt Pool Size for Laser Powder Cladding

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Communications: PhotonicsViews 5/2020

Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 5/2020

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Product Report

Making Light Work in Superresolution Microscopy: Hübner Photonics proudly introduces the Cobolt Rogue 640 nm laser

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“We Had to Build Systems from Scratch”: A portrait of Didier Beghuin, CTO of Belgian manufacturer of proprietary and custom optical systems, Lambda‐X

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Technology Report

New Trends in Laser Beam Welding: How automotive applications are driving the future of laser technologies

Laser Welding

Efficient Connective Solutions: Automation solutions for the laser welding of plastics

Laser Cutting

A Toast to Laser Glass Cutting: Ultrashort‐pulse lasers ramp up productivity for manufacturing glasses

Laser Cladding

Worn Knife Seatings in the Best of Hands: Laser cladding is the “knight in shining armor” for a sawmill

Laser Micromachining

Combining High‐Tech Glass Innovations with Advanced Laser Technologies: High‐quality glass substrates and supporting laser capabilities for semiconductor and microelectronics applications

Conceiving the ‘E1’ Laser‐Machining Center: The machine with an ultrashort‐pulse laser processes hard materials – high‐precision, low‐energy and without any thermal generation

When Things are Running Smoothly: The laser as a turning tool takes cutting technology to a new level

Efficient Fine Balancing in Two Planes with Laser Ablation: The design characteristics of new impellers require efficient balancing procedures to eliminate noise and increase lifetime


The Laboratory at Hand: Plastic Sorting Made Easy: A next‐generation mobile near‐infrared spectroscopy solution

Fibers and Fiber Optics

Advanced Fiber Technology for High‐Energy Lasers: New microstructured optical fibers manufacturing and design for laser emission and beam transportation


Anniversary at Lasercomb: 250th CO2 Slab laser for die making

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Meetings: PhotonicsViews 5/2020

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Buyers' Guide

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Company Index

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