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The use of a smart line scan camera system should especially be considered when machine vision has to be integrated in an existing application. A modular system has advantages regarding space requirements and offers greater flexibility compared to an all-in-one solution, p. 50

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PhotonicsViews 6/2020

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Laying the Foundation for Economic Recovery: Photonics and vision technologies critical in fighting the pandemic

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“Make Sure Your Idea Is Scalable”: A portrait of Ronny Timmreck, CEO of Senorics, provider of spectroscopic sensor solutions based on organic semiconductors

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Technology Report

Quantum Photonics Industry: Ground‐breaking technologies in the fields of atomic clocks and quantum sensors for new ground and space applications

Market Report

Quantum Technologies Are Speeding to Commercialization: Is the cat dead or alive or both? What is quantum?

Communications: PhotonicsViews 6/2020

Industry Report

The Quantum Ecosystem and Its Future Workforce: A journey through the funding, the hype, the opportunities, and the risks related to the emerging field of quantum technologies


From Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Technologies: How fundamental physics turned into one of the hottest technologies today

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Laser Sources

The Perfect Qubit: How Tunable Light Helps in the Quantum Quest: Widely tunable continuous‐wave lasers based on OPO technology make it quicker and easier to characterize different qubit contenders

Light Sources

The Power of Light in Quantum Technology: Revolutionary quantum sensors and computers are moving closer to market thanks to low‐noise lasers and other photonic components

Optical Components and Systems

PPKTP Applications: Quantum Encryption: How can entangled photon pairs be produced for quantum experiments or even communication?

Machine Vision

Smart Line Scan Measurement Systems: All you need for image acquisition and analysis

Reliable Image Capturing for Industry and Consumers: Hexapods simulate camera movements when testing the image stabilization function

Improving Semiconductor Wafer Inspection: Using master‐slave synchronization and multichannel flash control

Trends in Manufacturing

Thin Films for the Future: Excimer lasers drive industrial‐scale PLD manufacturing of innovative thin films

Why, When and How to Apply Active Alignment: Tackling the flexibility and cost‐effectiveness challenges in today's and future micro and nano‐optics production systems

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Solution for Automotive Power Electronics: FKM manufactures series production‐ready aluminum housings for SiC inverters using metal laser sintering

Medical Applications

Machining Catheter Ablation Tips with Lasers: How one manufacturer uses ultrafast precision to bring better tip designs to market

USP Laser Applications

Wire‐to‐Wire Victory: Nitinol machining for precision applications using femtosecond lasers


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