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Things Are Moving Forward: No Laser Applications Forum, no face‐to‐face meetings, but R&D continues!

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Process Monitoring and Quality Assurance

Process Monitoring

Online Monitoring in WAAM: Using a two colored pyrometric camera for temperature field monitoring in wire arc additive manufacturing

Optical Measurement Technology

Digital Holographic Measurement System: Robust digital holographic measurement system for production environments

Additive Manufacturing

Melt Pool Width Monitoring: In‐situ measurement of the melt pool width in powder bed fusion processes

Optical Measurement Technology

Measurement of High‐Precision Components: Testing of specular surfaces with phase‐measuring deflectometry

Process Monitoring

Characterization of the Powder Jet in LMD Processes

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Additive Manufacturing

Process Monitoring

Closed‐Loop Control of Penetration Depth in Wire‐Based Laser Cladding

Additive Manufacturing

Directed Energy Deposition with Aluminum Alloy: Directed energy deposition of high‐strength aluminum alloy with local hard particle reinforcement

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Laser Cladding

Hard Particle Reinforcement for Micro‐forming Tools: Hard particle reinforcement of microforming tools via laser melt injection for improved wear resistance

Surface Modification

Laser Micromachining

Laser Chemical Machining with High Process Pressure: Increase of the removal rate in laser chemical machining by increasing the process pressure

Laser Melt Injection

Generating MMC Coatings by Laser Melt Injection at High Process Speeds: Reinforcing highly thermally conductive copper tools for pressure die casting by fused tungsten carbide particles

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Laser Materials Processing

Increased Laser Polishing Rates of LPBF Components: High path overlaps to reduce surface features at laser polishing of LPBF components with high process speeds

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Laser Micromachining

Laser Structuring of PVD Multilayer Systems: Enhancement of tribological properties by generation of dimple arrays

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Process Monitoring

Implementation of a Synchronized Multi‐method Process Observation in Deep Penetration Laser Welding

Laser Materials Processing

Laser Brazing with Wire Oscillation: A new approach for increasing the optical seam edge quality

Laser Keyhole Brazing: Energy‐efficient brazing using the deep penetration effect in combination with two‐dimensional beam oscillation

Buyers' Guide

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Index & Masthead

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