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Hübner Photonics is one of the leading manufacturers of high performance lasers for research and analytical instrumentation
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PhotonicsViews 1/2021

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Cautious Optimism for Photonics in 2021: Photonics benefit from being crucial for recession‐proof key markets such as quantum technology, medical, life sciences and defense

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“We Are Going to Enable a New Wave of Safe Connectivity”: Portrait of Carlos Abellan, CEO of Quside

Industry Report

“Invest in Photonics Now to Fight Infectious Diseases!”: Strong investment will help prevent the death of an unimaginable number of people and prepare us against future pandemics

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Market Report

Compact Spectrometers: Technologies, Market Trends and Needs: Disruptive chip‐size technologies will play the dominant role for miniature, micro and chip‐sized devices

Technology Report

Photonic Technologies are ‘Invading’ Food Industry: Spectroscopy revolutionizes quality, safety, integrity and taste of food

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QCL Dual‐Comb Spectroscopy Matures for Applications: What reaction monitoring and process analytics can gain from integrated QCL mid‐IR dual‐comb spectrometers

MIR Spectroscopy for Continuous Control and Monitoring of Metabolites: Tackling inefficient bioprocesses, one – continuous – step at a time

A New ‘Hera’ in Hyperspectral Imaging: Low light applications come into range thanks to a novel camera system

MIR Spectroscopy: The Medical Diagnosis Swiss Knife?: Accessing global information, useful for fast detection of various diseases


Could Your Smartphone Analyze the Coronavirus on Surfaces?: Project Chipscope brings nano‐level microscopy into the field


Flow Cytometry for Immunology Research: New multiwavelength engines support medical applications

Optical Measurement Technology

The Hybrid Autocollimator: Upgrading a century‐old instrument technology to lead the way for modern intricate laser & optical measurements

Optical Components

Essential Materials and Processes for Nano‐Imprinted Optics: High refractive index resins for diffractive optics

Laser Cutting

And… Cut!: Innovative laser cutting technologies in photovoltaics

The First Coupling of a Laser Beam to a Water Jet: How a miniature dental hand tool started a revolution in cool laser machining

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