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Toptica’s highly modular 19” laser rack systems integrate high-end laser system solutions into an industrial form factor.
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PhotonicsViews 2/2021

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So Much Achieved – Yet So Much to Do: A wide range of products and services have received attention by the public – but we still have a long way to go

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“Becoming Number 1”: Oliver Dreissigacker of PhotonicsViews spoke with Carlos Lee, the head of EPIC, about how the association is progressing


“Try to Enjoy the Experience”: EPIC talks to Javier Marti of DAS Photonics, a leader in photonics communication systems for the defense, avionics and space markets

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Technology Report

Hard Light for Material Inspection, Crystallography, and Much More: Applications that utilize both UV and soft x‐ray

Laser Micromachining

Cost‐Effective Production of Integrated Monolithic Sensor Packages: Selective laser annealing enables the setting of different reference magnetization directions on sensors

Laser Materials Processing

Increasing Throughput in Many Applications: Combining advanced motion controllers and highly accurate and dynamic positioning stages gives an edge to systems integrators and equipment manufacturers

Optical Components and Systems

Improving Iris Recognition with Liquid Lens Technology: The fast autofocus and inherent optical qualities of liquid lenses are enabling biometric identification

Machine Vision

The Role of Adaptive Vision AI in Autonomous Machine Vision: Leveraging sophisticated AI to create the ultimate user‐friendly technology


Principles of Laser Scanning Microscopes: Part I: Confocal optical systems, 2D and 3D scanning, confocal effect and extended focus image, and scanning mechanisms

Optical Measurement Technology

Color and Coatings: Color‐supported thickness determination of thin transparent layers

The Critical Role of Validation in Micromolding: Why metrology and validation are important in a micromolding‐based product development program

Surface Topography Measurement: High lateral resolution and wide measurement range for structures with nanometer dimensions in industry, research, and laboratories

Zero Tolerance for Errors: Test system and test concept for medical lights at Dräger

Quantum Technologies

Talking About a Revolution: From Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Technologies: How fundamental physics turned into one of the hottest technologies today

The Quantum Technology Puzzle Game: How optical frequency combs and ultrastable lasers enable the second quantum revolution


Unifying Ultrafast Laser Imaging and Spectroscopy

  • Christopher G. Leburn (Chromacity)
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Meetings: PhotonicsViews 2/2021

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Buyers' Guide

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