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The Polarization Analyzer for state of polarization measurement, precise alignment of polarization-maintaining fibers and accurate adjustment of arbitrary states of polarization
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PhotonicsViews 3/2021

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Unlocking the full potential of local, national and cross-border co-operation: The Polish photonics market – how to harness its diverse talent and aspirations

Adam Piotrowski (Vigo System, Polska Platforma Technologiczna Fotoniki PPTF)

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“Be invited to experience our portfolio online”
Three questions and answers with the new vice president of sales for the MKS photonics brands in Europe, Thorsten Frauenpreiss

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“Be effective in using your experience”
EPIC talks to Jean-Louis Gentner, CEO of Almae Technologies

Jose Pozo (EPIC)

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Product Report

High-contrast pulse measurements for industrial applications and laser development

APE Angewandte Physik &
Elektronik GmbH

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S4LFT3167/328 – new high-power version of the S4LFT0163/126

Sill Optics GmbH & Co. KG

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The smallest linear slide in the industry: The MSR 3 by PM is the newest member of the company's MSR series


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Technology Report

Towards the industrialization of metal additive manufacturing: How the automotive and energy sectors are contributing to a systematic application of 3D printing of metal

Francesca Moglia, Antonio Raspa
(both: EPIC)

E-mobility: powering the next industrial revolution: Laser companies are giving manufacturers of battery cells, packs and modules a power charge in innovation


Communications: PhotonicsViews 3/2021

Market Report

From the living room to the driving room: The augmented reality of automotive head-up displays: an enhanced value proposition linked to technological developments

Zine Bouhamri (Yole Développement)

Additive Manufacturing

Accelerate the adoption of industrial AM: On the benefits of comprehensive, end-to-end simulations

Ashley Eckhoff (Siemens Software)

Optical Components and Systems

Accurate beam shapes for efficient lidar: Defined light distribution and wide-angle illumination requirements in automotive light detection and ranging

Dirk Hauschild, Daniel Braam (both: Focuslight)

Optical Measurement Technology

Angular resolution in VCSEL radiant intensity distribution measurements: Performing a proper eye safety assessment and designing suitable secondary optics

Günther Leschhorn, Thomas Attenberger, Tobias Schneider (all: Instrument Systems, Konica Minolta Group)

Machine Vision

View from the top: 3D camera replaces several sensors for position monitoring

ifm / Opel

Laser Materials Processing

No lithium fire due to heat input: Efficient laser systems with optical and sensory temperature monitoring for welding Li-ion cells prevent the component from heating up to over 80 °C

LBM Automation

BLUE laser soldering: An innovative, very-high speed and efficient 450 nm laser soldering technology

Alessandro Sala, Roberto Battista, Alessandro Maio (all: Lyocon)

Laser Welding

Micro glass welding with millimeter-long filaments: How USP lasers, common lenses, and self-focusing create long microwelds

Martin Kahle, Dirk Nodop(both: ifw Jena), Paul Wiemuth (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Jan Rücker (ifw Jena)

Optical Components and Systems

Polarization analyzer for fiber optics and free beam applications: State of polarization measurement, precise alignment of polarization-maintaining fibers and accurate adjustment of arbitrary states of polarization

Anja Knigge, Michael Schulz, Christian Knothe, Ulrich Oechsner (all: Schäfter+Kirchhoff)


Microsphere – the future of optical microscopes: Beating the diffraction limit with microsphere-assisted technology

Lianwei Chen, Yan Zhou, Rui Zhou, Ming Hui Hong (all: National University of Singapore)


SFG vibrational spectroscopy for the investigation of interfaces: Sum frequency generation to understand the architecture of biomolecules and monolayers in perovskite solar cells

Regimantas Januškevičius, Robertas Kananavičius (both: Ekspla), Udo Umhofer (Topag Lasertechnik), Gediminas Niaura (Ekspla)

Product Report

High-quality solutions for the characterization of IR emitters

Instrument Systems GmbH

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High LIDT coatings on large optics for petawatt lasers and line beam systems


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PT403 series tunable wavelength laser


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All-in-one beam profiler for additive manufacturing: PRIMES ScanFieldMonitor


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Blue light-emitting diodes for disinfection: Is the process able to improve hygiene in clinics and public buildings?

Bernd Seme, Kerstin Günther, Norbert Winkler (all: GMBU), Walter Wipprich (Purion)


Smart monitoring of battery welding processes

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Unifying ultrafast laser imaging and spectroscopy: Pioneering technology demonstrates how ultrafast laser sources can enable 3D imaging of cells at high resolution and in real time

Christopher G. Leburn (Chromacity)


Material processing with fast rise and fall time CO2 laser pulses

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Principles of laser scanning microscopes: Part II: Resolving power, measurement accuracy, software for laser scanning microscopes, and an application note

Megan Farell (Olympus)

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