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Smart factories and optimized design and production environments rely on digital tools and cloud-based services
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PhotonicsViews 4/2021

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Develop and apply innovative methods and tools: What we can learn from nature in technology development

Dr Oliver Faehnle (OST – University of Applied Sciences, Buchs, Switzerland)

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Technology Report

New challenges for the laser micromachining community: How the minting industry and other application fields are motivating their supply chain in photonics to strive for even better performance

Francesca Moglia (EPIC)


Family Firm: EPIC Interview with David Mackey, CTO at Mbryonics and PakPIC

Jose Pozo (EPIC)

Market Report

Quantum technologies: the market is growing: Although still a distant business, industrial interest in quantum continues

Quantum Technologies

Technology leaps in quantum sensing: Advances in nano magnetometry using tailored electronics and fast-switchable lasers

Niklas Waasem (Hübner Photonics), Helmut Fedder (Swabian Instruments), Patrick Maletinsky (Basel University)

Additive Manufacturing

IMProVing directed energy deposition: Industry collaboration overcomes distortion in new DED additive manufacturing processes with simulation

Beatrix Elsner (Simufact Engineering), Frank Silze (OSCAR PLT), Axel Marquardt (Technical University of Dresden)

Optical Components and Systems

Optical fabrication chain design: By analyzing lens data during optics design, the optimal optical fabrication chain can be determined

Oliver Fähnle, Rolf Rascher, Marco Tinner (all: PanDao)

Optics Design

Cloud-based simulation tools for streamlined optical design: 3DOptix is a free, easy-to-use, cloud-based optical design and simulation software which includes a suite of discovery tools and drawings

Haim Suchowski (3DOptix & Tel Aviv University)

Machine Vision

Intelligent quality assurance for batteries: Computed tomography detects defects in modern lithium-ion batteries

Optical Design

‘First time right’ freeform optics: A systematic and highly effective tool to design imaging systems from scratch

Fabian Duerr, Hugo Thienpont (both: B-PHOT, Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Machine and Control Technology

Controlling 100 lasers automatically via the cloud: Using open-source cloud technology to manage laser manufacturing software

Production Safety

Web-based design tool for better job safety: Safe human-robot collaboration

Optics Design

Deeper insights, better designs – less prototypes: How state of the art multiphysics simulation helps to understand, predict, and optimize photonics processes and devices

Phillip Oberdorfer, Yosuke Mizuyama, Christopher Boucher (all: Comsol)

Optical Components and Systems

Mind the gap: Using thermal simulation software to analyze cooling mechanisms of pluggable optics modules

John Parry (Siemens Digital Industries Software)


Adjustable ring shaping for laser welding applications: A diffractive method for shaping a laser into a spot surrounded by a ring, with continuously adjustable power ratio

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Measurement Technology

Metrology & Industry 4.0: Deploying optical technology and process control solutions to the smart factory floor

Peter J. de Groot, Michael Schmidt (both: ZYGO)

Laser Materials Processing

Cost-efficient laser depaneling: Why depaneling with a laser is the most efficient solution

Laser Cutting

Cutting of composites: Fiber composite materials: When cutting and punching become too difficult – laser cutting will help


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