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“The Future Depends on Optics”: With a broad range of optical components and imaging products, Edmund Optics enables solutions addressing the challenges of our future and adopts its portfolio always reflecting customer and market needs.
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PhotonicsViews 5/2021

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Improve our visibiliy: PhotonicSweden increases the awareness of the values created by photonics, and the importance of investing in the industry

Åsa Claesson (PhotonicSweden)

Contents: PhotonicsViews 5/2021

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News: PhotonicsViews 5/2021

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Products: PhotonicsViews 5/2021

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Communications: PhotonicsViews 5/2021

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LIPSS for metal forming tools: A laser process chain to produce functionalized tool surfaces

Lewin Rathmann, Tim Radel (both: BIAS)

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Communications: PhotonicsViews 5/2021

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Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 5/2021

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“Find good managers”
EPIC interview: Jimena García-Romeu, CEO of Alcyon Photonics

Jose Pozo (EPIC)

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Technology Report

European manufacturing capabilities for photonics: How pilot lines enhance the continent's competitiveness

Ana González, Antonio Raspa (EPIC)

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Laser Micromachining

Heat accumulation in metals under femtosecond irradiation: simulation and experimentation: Research on predicting the quality of laser processing of metals using femtosecond lasers for industrial purposes

Liliana Cangueiro, David Bruneel (both: Lasea), Thomas Kiedrowski (Bosch), Nikolai Schroeder, Andrés Fabián Lasagni (both: Technical University of Dresden), J. A. Ramos-de-Campos (Lasea)

Laser Welding

Evosys' advanced quasi-simultaneous welding: A new approach to the joining of polymers

Lea Sauerwein, Christian Ebenhöh, René Geiger (all: Evosys)

Beam shaping solutions for stable laser welding: Multifocal and multispot beams to bridge gaps and reduce spattering

Joerg Volpp (Luleå University of Technology), Alexander Laskin (AdlOptica)

Adjustable ring shaping for laser welding applications: A diffractive method for shaping a laser into a spot surrounded by a ring, with continuously adjustable power ratio

Alexander Brodsky, Natan Kaplan (both: Holo/Or)

Process Monitoring

Smart monitoring of battery welding processes: Sensor systems for laser welding applications along the battery production chain: from cell to package

Nataliya Deyneka Dupriez (Lessmüller Lasertechnik)

Laser Sources

Material processing with fast rise and fall time CO2 laser pulses: New CO2 laser system using an integrated acousto-optic modulator

Patrick Kim (Luxinar)

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Machine Vision

A new dimension for machine vision: Light field technology for lean automation processes

Christoph Garbe, Mareike Schindler-Kotscha (both: HD Vision Systems)

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Meetings: PhotonicsViews 5/2021

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Buyers' Guide

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