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The new Continuously Tunable Laser CTL 900 from Toptica Photonics is tunable between 880 nm and 950 nm. The long-awaited wavelength range is especially useful for resonantly exciting quantum dots, for spectroscopy or addressing, e.g., rare earth ions or the caesium D1 line.



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PhotonicsViews 6/2021

Additive Manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing is a game changer: AM is enabling development and innovation and opening up new applications

Christoph Hauck (VDMA AM)

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New developments in LiDAR optics: Three questions for Dirk Hauschild, Head of Research & Development, Laser Optics business unit, Focuslight Technologies

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“Don't put all your eggs in one basket!”
Visiting Mike Richardson at Photonic Insights

Jose Pozo (EPIC)

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Technology Report

Healthcare decentralization promoted by PICs: Integrated photonics is one of the key supporting technologies in the development of point-of-care devices

Elena Beletkaia (EPIC)

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Industrialization of quantum communication technologies: The landscape of the photonics industry for the future of secure communication and quantum key distribution solutions

Sana Amairi-Pyka (EPIC)

Laser processing: solutions for industry: Comprehensive preview to Laser Symposium and the 4th International Symposium for Additive Manufacturing (ISAM), 2021

C. Leyens, J. Standfuß, A. Wetzig, F. Brückner, M. Barbosa, J. Hauptmann, E. Lopez, M. Seifert, D. Dittrich, P. Herwig, H. Hillig, L. Stepien, S. Gruber (all: Fraunhofer IWS)

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Additive Manufacturing

Flexible fiber laser for rapid material processing: Coherent beam combining can generate different energy distribution patterns particularly quickly during operation

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Empowering metal additive manufacturing: Laser beam shaping and online process monitoring as promising solutions to the current LPBF challenges

Martina Riccio (Beamit)

Scaling additive manufacturing for mass customization: How to maximize your efficiency while generating consistently unique output

Ashley Eckhoff (Siemens)

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Beam Analysis

Tomography and lasers meet on a knife's edge: Tomographic beam profilers drive industrial laser measurements with groundbreaking accuracy over a large spectrum of lasers

Oren Aharon (Duma Optronics)

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Laser Welding

Development of an MPLC-based laser head: Advances in beam shaping applied to laser beam welding

Julien Bayol (Cailabs)

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Lasers for compact & fast LIBS systems: Compact, self-contained, pulsed lasers expand capabilities in LIBS applications

Elena Vasileva (Hübner-Cobolt), Mélina Gilbert Gatty (Swerim)


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