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JPT offers laser sources for a wide range of laser material processing like cutting, welding, marking and drilling.
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PhotonicsViews 1/2022

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Innovation is the engine of progress

Ricarda Kafka (Deutsche Gesellschaft für angewandte Optik, DGaO / Trioptics Berlin)

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Market Report

Photonics lights up financial markets with first thematic index: EPIC has collaborated with Solactive in developing the world's first investable index that tracks the photonics industry on a global scale

Antonio Raspa (EPIC)


The long and winding road to market: An EPIC interview with Boris Kobrin, CEO of Innovasonic

Jose Pozo (EPIC)

Laser Welding

Comparing the sheet metal welding performance of different lasers: Performance tests of MOPA ns-pulsed fiber laser, qcw fiber laser and yttrium aluminum garnet laser

Lulu Song (Shenzhen JPT Opto-Electronic)

Beam Shaping

Microfluidic chip sealing using femtosecond lasers: Beam shaping improves quality and speed in laser welding processes

Julien Bayol (Cailabs)

Silicon Photonics

Programmable chips for 5G applications: The new generation of green and smart hardware for 5G

Ana Gonzalez and Diogo Costa (both: iPronics Programmable Photonics)

Optical Sensors

LiDAR and autonomous cars: no conventional solution: TOF lidars are recognized as the norm, but FMCW systems are increasingly growing in popularity

Florian Friedl (Hamamatsu Photonics)

Trends in Manufacturing

Pulsed laser deposition – materials that matter: Scalable, modular PLD systems drive high volume production of game-changing functional layers

Ralph Delmdahl (Coherent), Lennart de Vreede, Bart Berenbak, Arjen Janssens (all three: Solmates)


Quantum diamond biomarker detection: Targeting simpler, faster and ultrasensitive medical diagnostics

Element Six, Quantum Diamond Technologies

Measurement Technology

A high-precision length measuring technique for laboratory and industry: Multibeam interferometers measure dynamic parameters simultaneously and with nanometer precision over a length of up to 80 m

SIOS Meßtechnik

Optical Components and Systems

High accuracy precision microlens arrays: Precision glass molding offers maximum manufacturing reproducibility and design accuracy

Chhavi Jain (Ingeneric)


Augmented / virtual / mixed reality systems optical terminology: Definitions, explanation, considerations for requirements formation – part I: field of view, pixel resolution, and CTF / MTF

Olga Resnik, Yosi Arazi, Yoni Kaganovitz, and Assaf Levy-Beeri (all: Joya Team)


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