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JPT’s advanced laser technology drives manufacturing improvements within the battery industry
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PhotonicsViews 2/2022

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Are you looking for the next useful mission?
Improving sustainability thanks to Digital Photonic Production

Prof. Constantin Häfner (Fraunhofer ILT)

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Not going dotty: EPIC CEO interview of Igor Nakonechnyi, founder, director and CPO of QustomDot

Jose Pozo

Measurement Technology

Polarization-controlled VCSEL characterization: Novel one-shot method enables the full performance efficiency of the VCSELs to be exploited while assuring safe operation

Frank Münchow, Karthik Iyer (both: Instrument Systems)

Laser Materials Processing

Gentle to the material, precise, and fast: Precision processing of high-tech materials using a water laser

Driving the manufacturing and improvement of batteries: JPT's advanced laser technology promotes innovation and advances electrode slitting and laser welding

Lulu Wang, Lulu Song, Xueqing Wang (Shenzhen JPT Opto-Electronics)

Product Report

Monitoring the condition of a laser tool in production

Laser Micromachining

Sustainable and efficient micro-machining solutions: Cutting 5G flex PCB materials with a high energy, high power, nanosecond UV laser

Jim Bovatsek (MKS Spectra-Physics)

Positioning Systems

High-precision positioning technology for high-performance quantum networks: How piezo-controlled, crossed optical fiber cavities coupled to one atom are used for high-fidelity quantum nodes and qubit detectors

Kolja Kolata (for SmarAct)


Taming an articulated laser: Beam delivery over a wide spectral range is enabled by articulated arms that deliver beams from the laser exit point to the end-point, preserving the beam quality

Oren Aharon (Duma Optronics)

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Laser Optics

New IBS coatings boost performance of petawatt laser mirrors: Transporting HAPLS, the world's highest average power PW laser of ELI Beamlines

Thomas Willemsen (Laseroptik), Uddhab Chaulagain, Stefan Borneis (both: ELI Beamlines), Wolfgang Ebert (Laseroptik)

Focus section: AKL'22

Program of the Technological Conference AKL'22

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Market Report

Chinese laser market under the new globalization: How to navigate your business in China in these turbulent times

Bo Gu (BOS Photonics)

An overview of global and European photonics markets and industry: Photonics contributes to make Europe's economy more competitive and is essential to global market growth

Thierry Robin, Benoît d'Humières, Jacques Cochard (all: Tematys)

Technology Feature

Laser: a proven tool with a lot more potential: No matter whether it is for welding or for the structuring of surfaces, the laser is now an integral part of many industrial processes. And it still has a lot of potential for future applications.

Process Monitoring

Laser weld quality: it's in the process!
The inspection of laser welding processes is anything but trivial – new technologies are needed to provide high-level quality control

Charlotte Helzle (hema electronic)

Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers

Ultrafast lasers today: The continuous increase in average laser power opens new horizons for femtosecond laser processing

Eric Mottay (Amplitude Systèmes)

Laser Cutting

Enhancing cutting performance with an oscillating laser beam: A newly developed high-brightness 4 kW oscillator in combination with LBC technology, which is a dynamic beam shape control, leads to significant improvements

Takaaki Yamanashi (Amada)

Laser Welding

Extending the degrees of freedom in laser beam microwelding: How can seam geometry and process quality be controlled by applying temporal and spatial power modulation?

André Häusler (Fraunhofer ILT), Marc Hummel (RWTH)


Augmented / virtual / mixed reality systems optical terminology: Definitions, explanation, considerations for requirements formation – part II: spectrum and polarization, ghost and stray light, uniformity, and conclusion

Olga Resnik, Yosi Arazi, Yoni Kaganovitz, Assaf Levy-Beeri (all: Joya Team)

Technology Report

Photonics: a pillar for extended reality technologies: An overview of how photonics will be highly invested in the future of XR and the market applications landscape

Jérémy Picot-Clémente (EPIC)


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