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The Valo series by Hübner Photonics provides a “market-unique short-pulse performance”, p. 26


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PhotonicsViews 3/2022

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The universal laser machine: On the verge of a new era in laser technology

Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Thomas Graf

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“Believe in yourself and your skills”
EPIC interview of Lynred's CTO, Pierre Jenouvrier

Jose Pozo

  • Pages: 24-25
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Multiphoton microscopy – improved signal efficiency and better contrast with <50 fs pulses: Femtosecond fiber lasers get ready to shine as Hübner Photonics eyes ultrafast markets

  • Pages: 26-27
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Silicon Photonics

A photonic MEMS interposer to solve electronic and optical assembly challenges: Scalable production, enabling miniaturization and function combination

Jian Li, Andrzej Sielecki, Elena Beletkaia

Laser Marking breaks new ground in laser technology: New system to mark and engrave 3D surfaces in a single operation

  • Pages: 32-34
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Electrifying lasers for the transformer industry: How CO2 laser sources are being used for paper cutting

  • Pages: 34
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Laser Systems

Taming an articulated laser: Beam delivery over a wide spectral range is enabled by articulated arms that direct beams from the laser exit point to the end point, preserving the beam quality

Oren Aharon

  • Pages: 35-37
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Focus section: SLT 2022

Program of the Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum

  • Pages: 38-39
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Ultrashort-Pulse Lasers

Ultrafast laser applications in the kW-class: From drilling and cutting to surface structuring and micromilling

Daniel Holder, Manuel Henn, Alexander Peter, Sebastian Faas, Anne Feuer, Christian Freitag, Rudolf Weber, Volkher Onuseit, Thomas Graf

Fibers and Fiber Optics

Design, production, and characterization of specialty optical fibers at the IFSW: Hollow-core fibers for the delivery of high-brightness beams from ultrafast lasers

Christian Röhrer, Tim Kühlthau, Bowen Chen, Götz Kleem, Thomas Graf, Marwan Abdou Ahmed

Beam Shaping

Cutting glass with photons: Latest technology leaps due to beam shaping in laser materials processing

Max Kahmann, Myriam Kaiser, Jonas Kleiner, Tim Hesse, Daniel Flamm


X-ray emissions during laser machining of cylindrical microcomponents

Roswitha Giedl-Wagner, Thomas Lang

  • Pages: 55
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Beam Shaping

Design of grating waveguide structures for pulsed laser systems: Strategy to maximize the production yield given special characteristics of the production process

Martin Rumpel, Frieder Beirow, Thomas Graf, Marwan Abdou Ahmed


Bionic technology analyzed precisely: Ultrahigh-speed camera used in complex fundamental research analyzing bionic joints with 300,000 frames per second

  • Pages: 59
  • PDF

Beam Shaping

Coherent beam combining – unlimited flexibility in laser material processing: An analysis of the effects of CBC on the laser welding process

Jonas Wagner, Artur Leis, Nina Armon, Asaf Nissenbaum, Christian Hagenlocher, Julian Holland, Rudolf Weber, Thomas Graf


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