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Laser rack systems for quantum technology research at the University of Saarland: six laser rack systems, two DFCs, and many Toptica lasers for atom-atom entanglement over 20 km of fiber.
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What’s driving the automotive sector?
Photonics as a key enabler of low carbon transportation right now

Dave MacLellan (AILU)

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“Focus on sales by developing something unique”
Interview with Bjorn Andersen CEO at Shute Sensing Solutions

Antonio Castelo (EPIC)

EPIC’s technology manager Antonio Castelo met Bjorn Andersen from a Danish developer of novel polymer optical fiber sensor systems.

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Community Feature

A quarter-century of innovation: Toptica’s pioneering journey in laser technology

Taking-off as a three-person startup in 1998, Toptica’s vision at the time was to humbly add its tunable diode lasers to the field of scientific photonics and to make a living for around ten people within five years.

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Imaging and Sensing

Spectral imaging made easy: How Wageningen University & Research developed a fully standalone spectral imaging system for fresh produce analysis

Based on hyperspectral cameras from the Finnish manufacturer Specim, researchers have developed a smart all-in-one spectral imaging laboratory system for standardized automated data acquisition and real-time spectral model deployment.

Technology Report

Laser processes are shaping e-mobility in Europe: Laser cutting, laser welding, and related technologies such as process monitoring are boosting battery manufacturing efficiency

Antonio Castelo (EPIC)

Europe needs a battery industry. Internal combustion is a mastered technology on the old continent, but European companies need to improve their electric vehicle capabilities to reduce the gap to other markets.

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Technology Feature

Applications for CO2 lasers in the automotive industry: How CO2 laser technology assists automotive producers in product development and manufacture

Louise May (Luxinar)

In contemporary automotive production, automation is pervasive, and robots have become integral to manufacturing processes. To further improve efficiency and versatility, lasers have emerged as indispensable tools, supplanting conventional methods and offering numerous advantages in the automotive manufacturing landscape

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Optical Components and Systems

Switching from opaque to transparent: Managing near infrared light using visibly opaque materials

Donald Tibbitt (Epolin)

Near infrared (NIR) light is becoming pervasive within products to improve perception, functionality, and safety. NIR is used in applications ranging from lidar and automotive ADAS to machine vision systems, night vision cameras, IR remotes, touch screens, and various medical and therapeutic uses.

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Optical Measurement Technology

See the light: Photonics enhances vehicle safety and comfort

Florian Friedl & Luigi Ghezzi (both: Hamamatsu Photonics)

Many features in today’s modern cars are designed to support drivers on their journeys all over the world. Working in the background and invisible to most, some of these hidden components provide us with increased comfort and safety no matter what the driving conditions are like.

Laser Surface Processing

SMaC sets new standards in coating and surface finishing: Coating of brake discs with the opportunity for simultaneous machining

Martin Grolms & Viktor Glushych (both: Fraunhofer ILT)

Thanks to SMaC, high-strength coating materials can be applied quickly and efficiently, and simultaneously finished by machining.

Machine Vision

More efficient production of electric vehicles: Industrial machine vision systems based on artificial intelligence use innovative technology to provide effective quality control

An enormous number of production steps are required before a car completes its first miles on the road. (Cognex)

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Shining a light on innovation: Breakthrough automotive lighting technologies that improve safety and usability

Sylvia WeiseManuel Walch, and Hermann Senninger (all: AMS Osram)

The automotive industry has undergone a revolution in lighting as LED technology has enabled new design opportunities, more brightness, and new imaginative effects.

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Laser-based manufacturing of hydrogen components: High-speed laser drilling for scaling up fuel cells and hydrogen electrolyzers

Addressing challenges in electric vehicle production: Advancements in beam shaping technology for enhanced laser welding of copper

Optical neurons to interconnect sensors and artificial brains in autonomous vehicles: Fiber optics connectivity based on long-wavelength VCSEL and fully integrated and adaptive electronics

The quantum revolution in vehicle sensor technology: How quantum dots are empowering vehicle safety and automation features

Epitaxial regrowth: How GaAs is the key to unlocking new semiconductor laser markets


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