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The JPT adjustable output beam (AOB) fiber laser has two coaxial beams, which can be controlled independently to optimize welding results, e.g., in battery manufacturing. (Source: Shenzhen JPT Opto-Electronics)

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PhotonicsViews 1/2024

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Can photonics drive the commercialization of quantum technologies?
The global quantum ecosystem gears up for transformative years ahead

Johannes Verst

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“Give customers more accessible data from production”
Christian Raith, CEO of IMM Photonics, talks to EPIC's Antonio Castelo

The head of the family-owned German company tells the story of running a producer and distributor of optical and optoelectronic components and laser modules for a wide range of technology sectors.

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Quantum technology: just a hype, or is it the future?
Toptica Eagleyard's Claus Heitmann, Michael Kneier, and Björn Globisch share their key insights

Everyone is talking about quantum technology (QT) – but what does this buzzword, with its origins in the photonics industry, actually mean in practice? As an experienced company in the QT sector, Toptica Eagleyard shares some key insights on its pivotal role in the industry in an interview, and reports on what QT has to do with the ‘valley of tears’ and ‘coming home’.

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Imaging and Sensing

Robust, compact quantum sensors to deliver unprecedented precision: Accuracy and sensitivity for applications including medical, navigation, brain computer interfaces (BCI), and many more

Katrin Kobe

Quantum sensing may be less well known than quantum computing but its impact on our world may be just as significant. Quantum sensors promise accuracy 1,000 times greater than that provided by today's conventional sensors, opening up new applications in medicine, navigation and more. Quantum sensing is also closer to market readiness than quantum computing.

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The quantum revolution in vehicle sensor technology: How quantum dots are empowering vehicle safety and automation features

Hao Pang

With technology like lidar heralding a revolution in vehicle automation, SWIR (short-wave infrared) imaging and sensing will become increasingly vital to the automotive sector. Quantum dots, nanoscale semiconductors tunable to SWIR wavelengths, could provide the answer to empowering SWIR and bringing enhanced capability to the mass market.

Technology Feature

Optical neurons to interconnect sensors and artificial brains in autonomous vehicles: Fiber optics connectivity based on long-wavelength VCSELs and fully-integrated and adaptive electronics

Rubén Pérez-Aranda & Joseph Pankert

With the ever-increasing need for faster data communication in cars, electrical interconnects are beginning to show bandwidth and electromagnetic compatibility limitations. The new IEEE 802.3cz ethernet physical layer has been developed specifically to meet these needs, based on a long-wavelength multimode VCSEL (vertical cavity surface-emitting laser) and mature bend-insensitive multimode fibers. A major innovation is taking place that will make automotive-grade, multigigabit optical transceivers possible.

Beam Shaping

Addressing challenges in electric vehicle production: Advancements in beam shaping technology for enhanced laser welding of copper

Gwenn Pallier

The electric mobility (e-mobility) revolution is upon us, driven by the imperative need to reduce carbon emissions, navigate evolving political landscapes, and meet societal expectations.

Laser Micromachining

High-speed laser drilling to scale up fuel cells and hydrogen electrolyzers: Fabricating microholes with precise geometry, superior quality, and high production rates

Mitchell Leering,  Cliff Jolliffe, and  Sundar Marimuthu

Scaling up clean hydrogen production using renewable energy is essential for decarbonizing a range of sectors, including transportation, chemicals, and steel, where reducing emissions and achieving net-zero targets have proven to be challenging. Advances in laser-based manufacturing, particularly ultra-high-speed laser drilling, are crucial for economically producing and scaling up hydrogen components, including high-temperature hydrogen electrolyzers (HTHE).

Laser Sources

Epitaxial regrowth: How GaAs is the key to unlocking new semiconductor laser markets

Richard Hogg

How can design engineers use epitaxial regrowth to enhance semiconductor laser performance and unlock new markets? First, we need to take a closer look at the relatively mature, epitaxial regrowth process for indium phosphide (InP) lasers, commonly used in 5G, datacomms, telecoms and co-located optics applications. Then we can consider gallium arsenide (GaAs), a less mature material system, which suits a multitude of emerging industrial, biomedical imaging, datacomms, and sensing laser applications.

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  • First Published: 01 December 2023
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Optical Measurement Technology

Photonic blood glucose measurement with infrared quantum cascade lasers: A novel non-invasive and pain-free glucometer for diabetes patients

Sergius Janik,  Thorsten Lubinski,  Michael Kaluza, and  Werner Mäntele

Diabetes patients rely on frequent measurement of blood glucose that is presently performed by painful pricking and analysis of a drop of blood. Diamontech has developed a noninvasive technique that targets a prominent mid-infrared signature of glucose. This technique uses quantum cascade lasers and photothermal detection. Clinical validation has proven an accuracy similar to current invasive techniques.

Technology Report

Advancements in hybrid photonics integration: Unleashing this technology's potential in Europe

Ivan Nikitskiy

This article examines the latest developments in hybrid photonics integration, with a focus on the European ecosystem. It discusses the transition from low-cost prototyping of photonic integrated circuits to the pilot line production of photonic chips.

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