PhotonicsViews 2 / 2024


PhotonicsViews April / May ’24 – special section: AKL’24 International Laser Technology Congress.

Cover: Marking brass with a pulsed fiber laser by Shenzhen JPT Optoelectronics.

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PhotonicsViews 2/2024

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PhotonicsViews 2/2024      

Cover Picture: PhotonicsViews 2/2024


Closing the loop: AI has the potential to disrupt – and photonics needs to take advantage of this

Prof. Constantin Häfner (Fraunhofer ILT)


Contents: PhotonicsViews 2/2024

News: PhotonicsViews 2/2024


Products: PhotonicsViews 2/2024

Communications: PhotonicsViews 2/2024

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Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 2/2024

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“There are several advantages of being a smaller independent company”
Michael Porbadnik of Luxinar, interviewed by Antonio Castelo

Antonio Castelo-Porta (EPIC)

  • Pages: 22-24
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Additive Manufacturing

Innovative measurement tool optimizes development: Reichenbacher relies on Ophir BeamPeek high-power laser beam analysis and power measurement system

  • Pages: 25-27
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Laser Welding

High precision laser welding for the electric vehicles of tomorrow: How to maximize output in bipolar plates and battery manufacturing

Ralf Nürnberg (Blackbird Robotersysteme), Holger Schlüter (Scanlab)

  • Pages: 28-31
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Photonic Integrated Circuits

Accelerating into production: Integrated tunable laser and comb laser assemblies boosted by the JePPIX InPulse pilot line

Desi Gutierrez,  Shane Duggan, Frank Smyth, Caolán Murphy, Gaurav Jain (all: Pilot Photonics)

  • Pages: 32-35
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Program of the Technological Conference AKL’24

  • Pages: 36-39
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Market Report

Laser sources: global market and trends: After some challenging years, the laser source market experienced significant growth in 2021 and 2022

Thierry Robin, Jacques Cochard, Kimon Moratis (all: Tematys)

  • Pages: 40-43
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Laser Materials Processing

High-energy UV lasers for display and green energy applications: UV laser-based material deposition, modification, and transfer

Robin Rammelsberg, Ralph Delmdahl, Oliver Haupt (all: Coherent)

  • Pages: 44-47
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Laser Surface Processing

High speed wafer grooving with UV-USP lasers: Addressing semiconductor requirements: high die strength and low burr height

Kees Biesheuvel, Patrick Huberts (both: ASMPT ALSI)

  • Pages: 48-51
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Trends in Manufacturing

Dual-beam lasers meet challenges of the automotive industry: Versatile control of spatial energy deposition lowers the process cost and improves quality and productivity

Alexei Markevitch, Michael Wiener, Iurii Markushov (all: IPG Photonics)

  • Pages: 52-55
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Laser applications for smart textiles: In the textile industry, lasers are already used in many ways. And cutting, bleaching, engraving, or positioning were just the beginning

Friederike Brackmann, Alexander Olowinsky (both: Fraunhofer ILT)

  • Pages: 56-58
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Beam Shaping

The shape of things to come: All-fiber kW beam shaping enables high-productivity industrial processing

Dahv Kliner, Alex Kingsbury (both: nLIGHT)

  • Pages: 59-63
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Technology Feature

Lasers – smart tools with a bright future: Whether in energy, mobility, environmental or production technology, lasers have many advantages as measurement instruments or as production tools

  • Pages: 64-68
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Company Profiles

Company Profiles: PhotonicsViews 2/2024

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Events: PhotonicsViews 2/2024

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Buyers' Guide

Buyers' Guide

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