PhotonicsViews 3 / 2024


PhotonicsViews June / July / August ’24 – special section: SLT 2024 Stuttgart Laser Technology Forum

Cover: Hübner Photonics is in the art of making high performance lasers, from cw single frequency lasers by Cobolt to femtosecond lasers by Valo – always concretely speaking!

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PhotonicsViews 3/2024

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PhotonicsViews 3/2024



Dynamic progress of laser technology: New fields of applications and fresh inspiration

Prof. Dr. phil. nat. Thomas Graf & Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Michalowski (both: IFSW, University of Stuttgart

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Organizations & Initiatives

Organizations & Initiatives: PhotonicsViews 3/2024

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“In tune with lasers”
Milan Mashanovitch, president of Freedom Photonics, talks to Ivan Nikitski, technology manager at EPIC

Technology Report

Photonic technologies for implantable medical devices: New photonic technologies and novel applications in the manufacturing and post-processing treatment of medical implants

Antonio Castelo-Porta (EPIC)

Early View

Flexible laser plastic welding as an addition to AM: Highly efficient welding of additively manufactured thermoplastic components

Beam Shaping

Unlocking opportunities for the EV industry with beam shaping of high-power lasers: How dynamic beam shaping lifts productivity of hairpin stators

Oliver Bocksrocker, Kai Fiechtner, Matthias Beranek, Nicolai Speker, Tim Hesse (all: Trumpf)

Dynamic beam shaping with coherent beam combining: A description of the physics underlying coherent beam combining, capabilities and applications

Eyal Shekel (Civan Lasers)

Beam shaping to tackle laser powder bed fusion challenges: Multi-plane light conversion to increase the printing speed and reduce hot-cracking

Gwenn Paillier (Cailabs) & Niklas Prätzsch (Fraunhofer ILT)


Increased productivity by combined laser processes: Laser-based post processing of additive manufactured metal parts

Beam Analysis

Laser myth busting: A fact-based check of five common misunderstandings about laser beams in industrial use

Andreas Rudolf & Christof Blumenstein (both: Primes)

Laser Materials Processing

Scaling up laser polishing using a polygon scanner: Combining a high power boost laser with ultrafast beam deflection using a polygon scanner to significantly increase the area rate of laser polishing

Linda Pabst, Robby Ebert & André Streek (all: Hochschule Mittweida)

Ultrashort-pulse Lasers

Thin disks with a wedge: How to multiply beam paths within a thin monolithic crystal to create compact laser amplifiers

Jochen Speiser, Raoul-Amadeus Lorbeer, Pirmin Schweizer & Benjamin Ewers (all: DLR)

Trends in Manufacturing

Bridging additive and subtractive manufacturing: Exceeding the limits of conventional manufacturing with combined continuous-wave and ultrafast lasers

Daniel Holder, Manuel Henn, Matthias Buser,  Christian Hagenlocher,  Volkher Onuseit & Thomas Graf (all: University of Stuttgart)

LaserEMobility Workshop 2024: Lasers are showcased in Munich as key enablers in EV manufacturing

Ali Gökhan Demir (Politecnico di Milano)

Early View

Creating advanced photonics AI assistants: The first optical design copilot based on a novel dynamic agent approach




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Buyers' Guide

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