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Vibroacoustic Properties in Moth Wings
The cabbage tree emperor moth has scaled wings that provide acoustic camouflage. The cover image shows the refraction and reflection of a sound wave off the moth's body and wings. By absorbing the ultra­sonic waves of the bats on its wings, the moth becomes acoustically invisible. (Image by Lsadonkey – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons, Background: COMSOL).    

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Brianne Christopher1/2021Seite 4

Vibroacoustic Properties in Moth Wings

Optics and Photonics

Ilka M. Hermes, Simonas Krotkus, Ben Conran, Clifford McAleese, Xiaochen Wang, Oliver Whear, and Michael Heuken1/2021Seite 8

Making the connection

Thomas Dieing, Ute Schmidt, Damon Strom, Eleni Kallis, and Olaf Hollricher1/2021Seite 13

Raman imaging illuminates 2D materials

Elena Beletkaia1/2021Seite 17

Photonics for the Food Industry

Jürgen Popp1/2021Seite 20

Commitment to photonics


Ingo Waldeck and Matthias Schulze1/2021Seite 22

Flow Cytometry for Immunology Research

Vacuum Technology

1/2021Seite 27

Space research on earth


1/2021Seite 30


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