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Fragile guardians of the sea

In order for our oceans to maintain their ­alkalinity levels despite rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, the decaying shells of sea creatures play an important role. But how can we measure the effectiveness of this process in the vast expanse of the ocean? Explore the importance of simulation in understanding and managing the impact of human activities on the environment, and shed light on the fascinating role of decaying shells for the oceans (Image: Kristin Hoel via Unsplash / Comsol).

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Andrea Cerreta, Zeinab Eftekhari, and Rebecca Saive1/2023Seite 4

Let there be light


1/2023Seite 7

Fragile guardians of the sea

Alan Petrillo


Cornelia Halbhuber1/2023Seite 12

Joining plastics and metal

Nan Zhang, Lynn Li, and Alexus Yu1/2023Seite 17

A trenchant edge

Vacuum Technology

1/2023Seite 22

Research with beams of highly charged ions

Optics and Photonics

1/2023Seite 26

The perspective decides

Boris Lange

1/2023Seite 29

Cutting glass with photons

Max Kahmann, Myriam Kaiser, Jonas Kleiner, Tim Hesse, and Daniel Flamm


1/2023Seite 32


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