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Photonic Devices for Future Network Designs

The cover image shows a simulation result of an optical ring resonator model. Ring resonators show potential as components for photonic integrated circuits, tunable mechanical sensors, biosensors and spectroscopy, or quantum photon research. Wave optics modeling software is helpful for evaluating the spectral properties of optical ring resonators and other devices in the field of silicon photonics. (COMSOL, Background: Adobe Stock / ooddysmile).


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Jim Bovatsek1/2022Seite 4

Sustainable and Efficient Micromachining Solutions

Stephan Ritter1/2022Seite 8

Talking About a Revolution

Niklas Waasem, Helmut Fedder, and Patrick Maletinsky1/2022Seite 13

Technology Leaps in Quantum Sensing

Vacuum Technology

1/2022Seite 16

Revolution in Balancing Technology


Alan Petrillo1/2022Seite 19

Photonic Devices for Future Network Designs


Alexander Klasen and Ilka Hermes1/2022Seite 23

Magnetic Force Microscopy: a Unique Tool

Thomas Dieing, Patrick Altmann, Jan Englert, Damon Strom, and Mirko Bacani1/2022Seite 26

Cryogenic Raman Imaging for Low-dimensional Materials

Optics and Photonics

Florian Friedl1/2022Seite 30

No Conventional Solution


1/2022Seite 33


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